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Submission Deadline January 17th, 2018


We believe an environmental portrait uses a subject’s surroundings to tell us more about the subject themselves. This can be at home, school, the playground etc. and can be a single person or multiple people in one frame. In this category only, the photographer may or may not be involved in directing the subjects to be in a certain location or light if it enhances the portrait. This is not a formal sit down portrait category, rather a momentary pause where you make a portrait of your subject.

Three important things you should know:

  1. Over 50 awards given, cash prizes, sponsor giveaways and $36 for your first 6 entries.
  2. Your photos can be from any year
  3. Once again, recognizing the educational value of transparency, our final judging process will be live-streamed with Kirsten Lewis and Jenna Shouldice

As you know, we love documentary family photography and can’t wait to give your work international recognition!

Ryan Christopher Jones

GET STARTED: documentaryfamilyawards.com/call-for-entries/

Need help?  Head to our help page to see how to resize your photos and prep them for upload. We also have a Lightroom preset to make resizing your photos easier.

Banner photo courtesy of our Best Overall Award winner and photographer Jeff Borkowski.