We strive to showcase a diverse cross-section of family life. The gritty, the beautiful, and the highs and lows, all through a well-curated collection of award-winning photographs.


Extended Deadline March 1, 2019 @ 11:59pm PST

5 single image categories   /   1 new photo series category   /   Over $2500 (USD) in cash prizes

GUEST JUDGES & Live Broadcast JudgeS

Kholood Eid  /  Parker Eshelman   /  Khalilah Hall   /   Kirsten Lewis Bethmann   /   Jenna Shouldice

Open Categories

  1. Nothing is better than real life: Show us all aspects of family life through your photos; the wild, the beautiful, the highs and lows… (tell me more)
  2. Birth: We are looking for photographs that represent not just the final moments of labor but also the supporting events and landmarks that lead towards a child being born. … (tell me more)
  3. Humor: In-your-face obvious, subtle, sarcastic, observational or situational just to name a few…. (tell me more)
  4. Cell Phone Only (photos taken on your phone): Family documentary work both personal and professional, created with your phone’s camera… (tell me more)
  5. Environmental Portrait: An environmental portrait uses a subject’s surroundings to tell us more about the subject themselves and vice versa. This can be at home, school, the playground, at work etc. and can be a single person or multiple people in one frame… (tell me more)
  6. Photo Series: The freedom to tell larger stories, show growth and change in your subjects, or simply provide a broader perspective on a topic… (tell me more)


“You have created a truly one of a kind competition.”

– Casie Zalud, 2018 Award-Winner

How to Enter

  1. Collect your favourite photos that match each category
  2. 12 photos maximum per single image category and up to 8 photos per series
  3. Resize your photos to meet our requirements(Get More Info)
  4. Single Images: Up to 6 photos for $36. Additional photos are $5 each.
  5. Photo series: Up to 8 photos for $46.  Additional series are $46 each.

Have a question? Join our Facebook Group or visit our Help Page to review submission requirements and download our Lightroom export preset.

Awards & Prizes

  • Best Overall Award – 1st Place $500, 2nd Place $350, 3rd Place $250
  • Judges Choice Award – 6 free entries in the next awards
  • 1st Place Category Award – 1st Place $250 per category
  • Top 10 Awards – Ranking from 1st to 10th per category
  • Honourable Mentions – Up to 10 unranked honorable mentions per category
  • Photo Exhibit in Miami – A chance to be selected for the first DFA exhibit as part of the Storytellers Photo Conference in May 2019.
  • Digital Award Badge – All award winners and honourable mentions

All awarded photographs and honorable mentions are published in our winner’s gallery. Photographers and their work are promoted across our online platforms and press releases.

Live Streamed Judging

We recognize the educational value of transparency and so once again our final decision process will be live streamed. Entrants will be able to access the video at any time after the live judging.

1st Place: Environmental Portrait
by Anna Bielasik, Poland.