Photojournalist   /   @ipcartspace   /   @cpj_is_here   /   @ipc1999 Under the threat of persecution, Haitian-born Carl–Philippe Juste, and his politically active family, were forced to flee their homeland in 1965. Settling in Miami’s Haitian community, Juste flourished academically and attended the University of Miami. He vigorously pursued photojournalism and, since 1991,... Read More
Photographer, Educator and Writer Website   /   Facebook   /   @kristinmyoung Kristin M. Young embraces many roles as a teacher, writer and photographer, but her favorite by far is wife and mother. She and her husband have six children whom she unashamedly and relentlessly photographs. Their oldest son, Colby, is tucked away... Read More
Curator and Educator Website   /   @workscitedllc Song Tae Chong PhD is a New York City based educator and curator.  Currently a Trustee of the Martin Parr Foundation, Song focuses on praxis based curatorial work and theoretical practice.  As the Director of Milk Gallery in Chelsea, Song mounted over 40 exhibitions... Read More
Photographer, FDF Brazil Co-founder and Researcher on Art and Feminism Website   /   Facebook   /   @manurigoni   /   FDF Brazil Manu Rigoni is a Brazilian photographer living in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. She discovered the power of storytelling within documentary photography, even when she is underwater diving. Manu Rigoni has a... Read More
Photographer Website   /   Facebook   /   @mikaelamartin_photog Mikaela is an Australian documentary and fine art photographer, based in South Florida, USA. Before picking up a camera professionally, Mikaela was an actor and filmmaker. This work and practice is very much at play in her photography. She is interested in the... Read More
Photographer and Visual Artist Website   /   Facebook   /   @ranita3roy   /   @ranitaroy5 Ranita Roy was born in Andul, a small town in India. Currently based in Kolkata, India. She is a documentary photographer and visual artist. Her work has been published in various media publications including Reuters, The Washington Post... Read More

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.