Award-winning photography by Paulina Splechta

I have had the honor of capturing 150 births over 6 years in south Florida. I am truly honored to have the privilege of documenting birth stories as a respectful member of each family’s birth team. I am proud to be a full-time Birth Photographer and Birth Videographer, I am a birth worker at heart. I love that I solely work with birth clients, and I love helping families celebrate these profound, once-in-a-lifetime moments! The journey of becoming a mom is the hardest mountain to climb in life, simultaneously, it is the the most amazing journey our heart and body will ever experience. I am honored to create transformative, story-telling birth stories and siblings meet-and-greets for families and capturing the hard work, incredible love, and joyful anticipation surrounding your baby’s entrance into your lives! I can’t wait to meet you.
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