Award-winning photography by Lavinia Nitu


I was born and raised in Bucharest (Romania) where I studied economics. So, how come I’m a photographer now?

I did not go to an art school, but photography has been part of my life since I was a child. I used to followed my father in the darkroom while he developed his films. Back in the day photography was not a career option so I had to follow my mother’s suggestions and apply for a business economics college.

But life has had its own way to bring me back to the right path, so, thanks to photography, I’ve met my husband and together we have been working on finding our “voice”. He is a landscape photographer that tries his best to keep all that is human or manmade from his shoots, while I do the exact opposite.

I am an extremely curious person by nature, but the introverted part of my character leads me to observe what surrounds me with a certain distance.

So how can I get closer to my favorite subjects: the people? The camera allowed me not only to reduce this distance, but also to enter into a relationship with them, giving me the opportunity to know them and then tell their stories.

Through the lens I can focus on the small details that when put together will combine the great puzzle we all are … and I love solving puzzles. As a child, in fact, I broke my mother’s crock pots only to be able to put them back together again.

I’ve never liked posing people because I’m the first one hating posing in pictures… it just makes me feel awkward and I put on a fake smile. Later, when I see the photos I always ask myself: “it’s me in these photographs?”.

I found, however, in family photography, particularly in family documentary photography, a way to know the true face and the true story of my subjects. With a good dose of empathy I can see what makes you, you.

I’m a bit like a ghost writer, but instead of paper and pen, I use my camera and instead of a book full of words, what comes out of my work is an album full of photographs and memories.

In fact, I have the great ability to capture the emotions and the feelings of my subjects.

Today my greatest pleasure is to give families memories. I love providing families a window into the magical and invisible world the kids build around them, an unforgettable image of the endless love their parents have for them and the family’s story written in the light and shadows of the pictures.

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