Deadline January 17th, 2018

We are excited to announce our open call for entries for the next cycle of Documentary Family Awards! 

This award cycle brings about a new set of categories including one for birth, and we have an exciting new panel of guest judges, who will curate through every single submission. We recognize the educational value of transparency and so once again our final decision process will be live streamed. Entrants will be able to access the video at any time after the live judging.

As you know, we love this genre and can’t wait to give your work international recognition!

Show us what you’ve got!

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Meet Our Guest Judges

Ryan Christopher Jones, Felicia Chang and Rebecca Kiger.

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Tristan is a documentary photographer based out of Victoria BC where he currently lives with his wife and daughter. Originally from Pennsylvania, he was raised on a biodynamic dairy farm until his family moved to western Canada when he was ten. Attending photography school years later after living overseas, Tristan met his now wife and talented photographer Jenna Shouldice. Together they run their documentary wedding and family photography company out of Victoria and Toronto, serving clients across North America. Tristan has gained international recognition for his photography work and he has spoken and taught about his documentary approach across Canada and the United States. In 2017 Tristan and Jenna co-founded the Documentary Family Awards with Kirsten Lewis Bethmann.

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