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Photographer and former DFA judge Ryan Christopher Jones has just announced he will be hosting a workshop focused on the craft of editing a photo documentary series. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Ryan and a great chance for anyone looking to improve their editing*** skills.

“Photography is a language, and like all languages, we must learn its vocabulary for us to communicate with it. Much has been taught about the importance of the decisive moment in a single photograph, but for those of us who are storytellers and documentarians, stories are more than just a single photo. They are a collection of photos strung together in an intentional, coherent narrative. A story is not a word; it’s a paragraph. It’s a chapter. It’s a novel.”  -Ryan Christopher Jones

Everything you need to know can be found via Ryan’s website >>  http://www.ryanchristopherjones.com/summer-2018-photo-editing-workshop/

***Note: The word “edit” means the process in which photographers select and sequence their photos; not to be confused with the term “toning” in relation to Lightroom or Photoshop processing.